Northeast Partnership Membership

The Northeast Partnership (NEP) is interested in recruiting members who support economic development in the Northeast San Antonio area. Becoming a Northeast Partnership member will allow you, your city or your company to work with other member cities and businesses in enhancing business growth and improving area communities. For more information on the Northeast Partnership, please visit our About NE Partnership page. For a membership application form, click here.

NEP LogoMembers
Incorporated cities may become Northeast Partnership members by majority vote of the Northeast Partnership Board of Directors. Fees are based on city population.

Associate Members
Businesses, non-profit organizations, cities, counties or private individuals may become Associate Members. Elected representatives of the Associate Membership will sit on the Board of Directors and attend its regular meetings.

Membership Fees
  • City population above 5,000: $750 annually
  • City population below 5,000: $500 annually
  • Associate Members: $250 annually

Randolph Air Power Community Council Membership

In 2009, the Randolph Air Power Community Council (RAPCO) was formed to support Randolph Air Force Base and its missions. RAPCO and the Northeast Partnership work together in order to show united support for the missions and military personnel of Randolph AFB. For more information on the missions and programs of RAPCO, please visit the RAPCO page. For a membership application, please click here.

RAPCO is comprised of members of the local civilian leaderships including:
  • Presidents of the local Chambers of Commerce
  • Local elected Mayors and/or their designees
  • Such persons as the Executive Committee approves by majority voteRAPCO Logo

Meetings are held on a quarterly basis. Department of Defense members (civilian or military) may not vote on issues brought before the committee.

Membership Fees
  • Business memberships: $150 annually
  • Individual memberships: $100 annually